HenriettaRead the L.A. Theater Review of Henrietta’s solo show “Please Love Me”.

Read Henrietta’s latest testimonial from After 5 Entertainment.

“I wanted to thank you again for being part of “Ladies Night” at Rae’s. I have heard a lot of great praise for your performances…and you made my little Irish heart jump with glee! Anything I can do to help your career…count me in. Anyway, I appreciate your professionalism and I look forward to running across your paths again soon.” – Bernie Bernwall, Streetwise Entertainment Group

“You are the best. Thanks for doing such a great job at my show. I admire your fresh look at dating and your ability to make fun of the process in a funny and not negative way.” – Carol Metcalf, Booker for Tsunami Restaurant Comedy Evening Thursdays in Monticeto, California

“The woman is crazy. Book her and you’ll be sorry…you didn’t book her sooner.” – Tarance Aston, Comedian and booker of the Etiwanda Roadhouse, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and The Other Club, Covina, CA.

“Henrietta is one funny gal. She may say she can’t win, but with her comedy act you can’t lose.” – Devin Dugan, Comedian, Booker and four time published author.

“Her sharp delivery and fun humor make her one of the funniest up and coming comedians today!” – Diane Stankevitz

“Henrietta is not only funny…she is fun to watch! Her on stage character is very entertaining and always a crowd pleaser.” – John Capra, Comedian